i had two quarters and i called her up with one
because of course it was ideal
i don't know what you're supposed to do once you call
i genuinely think the whole idea of calling
is just to dial the numbers

hello and she was there
i had never had any concept of her
outside of my drawing room
so it was as if she were new
and filthy and used
and i thought i didn't want her anymore
but it was a lie, like a breath taken the wrong way

what is it that i am to do with you now that
you are out here and i am out here and
i've got a whole mess of possibilities in my hand
like unspun yarn or cassette tape all tied up
like a dead person's hair

seriously hello? hello i want
something, SOMETHING
would you scream? would you break something
and don't call me sir, fucking hell, like i don't know you
or what you're wearing
yeah, the fuck, i'm outside your window so be afraid
or happy or something

hello? i am spending A WHOLE QUARTER ON YOU so would you say something else
i'd spend my arm on you
and hey what a nice thing to say, i hope you write that down
the measure of how much i want you
exceeds the measure of how much i want my arm (right now)
but anyways my quarter, i guess that means
we've only got a few seconds' worth of conversation
so i guess i haven't really said anything yet? oh
except your crystalline hello

i dialed the numbers so i guess it's okay
i might as well jerk off right here already
but whatever i'll just hang up? yeah
it's hard enough to talk on the phone in this straitjacket
in between these padded walls

tomorrow when i call you
after the electrodes and stuff
you better say something other than

Wordmongers' Masque: Poets' Ball