Not Back To School Camp, a.k.a. NBTSC is a summer camp organized by Grace Llewellyn for teenage unschoolers/homeschoolers. It happens at Camp Myrtlewood, a facility a few hours south of Eugene, OR.

NBTSC has been happening every summer (late August and/or early September,) since 1996. The first two years there was a single week long session each year, from 1998 through 2001 there were two sessions each year. 2002 will feature a third session, in mid October, at the Buffalo Gap Community Camp in West Virginia.

NBTSC has been a wonderful and life changing experience for most of the kids who've attended, and a lively and fairly tight-nit community has evolved from it. We keep in touch mostly through our web site,, and through letters and massive long distance phone bills. There are also several groups of NBTSCers who now live together (like me and my roommate! woo!), and this year an event was was organized (the Quo Vadis Gathering), which was largely by and for the older NBTSCers (though we welcome new folks into our community).

For more information on the camp and the community:

  • IRC:
  • Note: is not owned by Grace Llewellyn, it's privately owned and run by several NBTSC Alumni

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