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I'm always open to constructive feedback on my write ups. So /msg me if you have ideas or suggestions.

Write ups tinkering around my skull:

  • John E. Upledger. A bio, important reference for CranioSacral Therapy
  • Reflexology. Already a node, but it needs help, the author of the one write up isn't knowledgeable about the subject, and basically just says "hey, look at these wackos!"
  • I plan to write some about the benefits and pitfalls of depending entirely on western scientific research in medicine/healthcare (with total disregard for millennia of experiential evidence for several alternative healthcare modalities).
  • I also plan to write about the history and politics of allopathic dominance in American medicine, and the difference between following the scientific method, and simply believing in current scientific doctrine.
  • craniosacral rythm Important reference for CranioSacral Therapy, I could probably flush out the explanations of anatomy and physiology that I currently have in the CranioSacral Therapy node better in a separate node explaining the craniosacral rhythm, or perhaps as write ups in existing nodes, and would at the same time improve the CranioSacral node by making it more concise.
  • alternative medicine: After looking at this page full of mostly cynical, unknowledgeable opinion pieces, I'm thinking of trying to write something a bit more informational, working on the pages for individual modalities might make more sense though. I'm a little sick of the "I don't know a thing about the theory behind this, but I'm going to ignore the documented results and do a write up saying that it obviously doesn't work because western science doesn't understand how yet" attitude behind most of the write ups relating to any alternative healthcare modalities.
  • Neuromuscular Therapy: Another delightful alternative healthcare modality I plan to write about, except this one was developed by an MD. Actually and MD and a Chiropractor were developing it almost simultaneously. It involves stimulation of Neuromuscular Trigger Points, and is a rather good method of resolving chronic aches and pains. On a side note, there's two very big, very thick, very medical books on neuromuscular therapy, full of delightful medical jargon sure to convince the cynical E2 reader that it must work, since an MD said so. On another side note that's only related in the irony loving creature that is my mind, studies have found %70 correlation between Neuromuscular trigger points, and Chinese acupressure points. Go figure right?