You have went away and left me, your love. You have gone to another country, leaving my aching, breaking heart to fall to the floor on it's own lonely journey. Falling down to the pits of the deepest darkest recesses of my tragic soul.

Oh, whither are thee?

I check my hotmail account each and every five minutes. I know it's wrong, but I await your tender words. I have been better tonight, this third night after your departure. I have noded some and only checked hotmail in-between nodes. I node quickly tho'. The phone sitting at my side. You might call.

Oh, please, do you not know, can no-one understand.

The pain

My parents tell me "Get on with your life", "You're only young, you'll meet others."
They do not, cannot understand.
We are soul-mates.
We were meant to be.
Oh, tragedeee

At night I lie, thinking, your soft hair, sweet tender smile. That noise you make when you can't quite rift but need to.

Return to me, oh my love

Even my lil kim CD sounds hollow without you.

Oh my love
My blue sky
My way to get by

We watched the sun rise
High in our skies

We saw the moon glow
As we went to catch a show

I laughed at your jokes
You said I looked like John Noakes

I NEED you
beside me
I want you
to love me

Oh, tragedeee

And my, baby, my beautiful one, if, when, ohhhh please, when you return, remember how I feel, remember how I need, remember how I want

Remember, you've still got my shirt you borrowed, bitch!

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