There is a certain bartender in a certain southern town
Who stands at about five feet of pale stern German
A creamy fire engine with pursed lips and no room for bullshit
Who knows that she's soft at heart but not how transparent that is

At least to me, who sees so much beneath the surface silently
Friendly and earnest, but so reserved, not giving my time or myself
A French Libra who's likely to stand at a green light for years at a time
Rather than do that twisted dance of courting expected from men

And she, aggressive and condescending with standards that reach the moon
Is stubborn and would also wait for years, as is expected from women
Rather than use what makes her both attractive and intimidating--
Her aggression, in her favor, to have the nerve to court a man

What a concept, ladies everywhere! just give in to your impatience!
Instead of sitting idle looking inviting and waiting for attention,
Round up your bravado! give this game a chance and show a man your desire,
Some fire, and some initiative, why can't a woman lead the way?

I know, there are some women like this, but I can't change the world at large
I can't change culture, attitudes, misconceptions, expectations
Maybe aggressive women and passive men are at some kind of disadvantage,
And maybe there is no advantage, only opportunities missed and taken

But it's not about fault, or right and wrong, or strength and weakness, or mistakes
We are merely ourselves...but I do regret that I never explained myself
To her, I left her high and dry, she took it personally, and it hurt to see
And believe me Ash, there are things I wish I would've explained to you as well but

Carry on beautiful bartender, strong-armed and sharp-featured
Go on sharpening your carapace on those middle-class assholes you serve
Go on confused and cold-shouldered working your beauty like a ballet
Played back from a projector on a big white wall in an empty room

Roll on in your masculine grip of the world, and keep on waiting if that's
What you want to do, but the next time you see me I hope you grab me by the throat
And ask me WHY, but don't ignore me waitress, because I'm waiting too
And because we've learned that the only thing worse than being used is not being used

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