How to cow tip: Sneak up, at night, on a sleeping cow. (They sleep standing up, for you city-folk.) You must execute the next step quietly and quickly, or else the cow will wake up. It works best if two or three people come up along side the cow and just push. Evidently, they topple right over. I've never done it myself, but I knew a man from Oklahoma once who did it as a drunk (see beer) teenager. What else do you think kids have to do in Oklahoma?

Cow tipping is an extremely cruel and stupid thing to do. Yes, it is fun to joke about, but when it comes down to it, you could seriously injure yourself and an innocent creature.

The reason most farmers will shoot at you when you go cow tipping is because animals have died as a result (trust me--I live in the South). The ones who escape death will usually have severely mangled shoulders.

If you must fullfill your urge to cow tip, please do so virtually at the badly constructed website

The cows thank you.

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