From the makers of cow tipping we proudly bring you a new fun activity! Frog on a string!


1) Secure a very small pebble around a piece of string.
2) Wrap a small piece of dough around the pebble.
3) Let the frog eat the doughed up end of the string.
4) Since the pebble is solid it won't get digested
5) Et voila! Frog on a string!

The author of this node would like to point out that he has not inflicted this discomfort to our green friends (Princes in waiting), He is merely sharing some dark knowledge gleaned from a drunk fratboy

For more fun fraternity sports see: cow tipping, dry ice bomb

Reason why this is probably an urban legend: frogs can spit up their stomach (they often digest food outside of their body and spit out the parts they can't digest; their digestive system is one way, so to speak).

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