The top ranked contender in the world circuit from Philadelphia in the video game Mike Tyson's Punchout. He is a difficult opponent, with rapid jabs and a blisterinly fast series of uppercuts. When dodging his hooks, Little Mac has to hit him in the head and then in the stomach.

This song was (for me) immortalized in the movie Back to the Future, where it is used in the scenes that take place in, and represent 1955. Imdb wrongly claims that the song's use in the movie presents a goof, because they state that it was not released until 1958. My research shows, however, that the song definitely dates from 1954.

The Sandman, or Mr. Sandman is a professional wrestler. In real life, his name is James Fullington, from Philadelphia, PA.

Currently, Sandman wrestles for ECW, or E-C-dub as its commonly known, returning after a brief stint in the WCW (not known as the dubya-C-dub unless you're a twit.) While in WCW, Fullington wrestled as Hardcore Hak, and attempted to bring a new era of hardcore wrestling to major television. After receiving the kind of treatment only WCW could give to talent, he quickly returned to ECW, and to the respect he deserves.

Sandman is known for always having a cigarette half hanging out of his mouth, plenty of cans of beer, and barbed wire wrapped around his torso. His finishing move is the Russian Legsweep, usually onto the barbed wire.

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