The Chordettes

The Cordettes mainly scored hits between 1954 to 1961. The group was formed
in the late 40's in Wisconsin and originally sang folk-orientated songs in
barbershop style.
Members of the group were Janet Ertel, Carol Bushman, Dorothy Schwarz and
Jinny Osborn. Schwartz was replaced in 1952 by Lynn Evans, and the next
year, Osborn was later replaced by Margie Needham.
The group became famous after they won the Arthur Godfrey Talent Scout Show:
The musical director of the show, Archie Bleyer, formed the Cadence label
(1953) and contracted the Chordettes.
The Chordettes first hit became 'Mr. Sandman' (1954), followed by 'Eddy My
' in 1956. In 1958 'Lollipop' was their biggest commercial hit, although
the group never reached the number one position with the song.
In 1962 the group disbanded itself, shortly after Jinny Osborn left.


Harmony Time (1950)
Harmony Time, Vol. 2 (1951)
Harmony Encores (1953)
Your Requests (1953)
Listen (1954)
The Chordettes (1955)
Close Harmony (1961)
Never on Sunday (1962)

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