Between The Sheets 3/4 oz. each; Rum, Brandy, Cointreau, Splash of Lemon juice or Sour mix

Blend with ice, Strain & Serve up in a chilled Cocktail glass

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A poker hand. All players ante (usually some large multiple of the regular table ante), and the dealer lays two cards before one player, face up. Before the first card is dealt, the dealer declares if Aces will count as less than Twos, or greater than Kings, and this declaration is in effect for the duration of the hand. Based on the cards showing, the player decides if he wants to bet wether the next card will be 'between the sheets' i.e. of a value between the two cards showing, and how much he will bet. Unless the player bets 'pot' and wins, when his turn is over, the dealer then deals two cards up to the next player.

For example, the player gets dealt the 4 of hearts, and the Jack of diamonds (suits are utterly unimportant in this game, btw). Odds are slightly better than average that the next card turned up will be between a 5 and 10, inclusive. The player may then pass, choose a numerical value (some fraction of the pot), or 'bet the pot'. If the card turned up falls within the range (5-10), the player wins the value declared, up to and including the pot. If the card is outside the range (Ace, 2, 3, Q, K), the player loses and adds the declared ammount to the pot, up to and including matching the pot. If the card matches on of the two 'sheets' (in this example, a 4 or a Jack), the player adds double the bet to the pot. The dealer stays the same until the hand ends. The hand ends on a successful "pot" bet, which leaves no money to be bet on. The deck is then passed to a new dealer, who can call whatever game he likes.

I once saw a man lose on a 3-Ace split (only three cards in the whole deck could've beaten him, the Ace, the two, or the three), matching the 3, having bet "Pot", on an $80 pot. It took us a damned long time after that to play down the resultant $240 pot.

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