Sour mix is an ingredient in many cocktails. Not surprisingly, many of them have names like whiskey sour and brandy sour. Others have surprising names like whiskey fizz or brandy fizz or tom collins or john collins. There are two methods of making sour mix: one is with the egg white, and the other is without. I personally never put in the white, though you should do what tickles your fancy.

Ingredients + Method

Without the egg do the exact same thing but without the egg, which also means you can just shove everything in a jar and mix. If you make it with the egg, don't keep it for more than a few days in the fridge.

P.S. Different strokes for different folks - if you don't like the sour / sweet ratio, change it, but remember that you ARE making sour drinks, and if it's not just for yourself, you should pretty much stick to the instructions, as people who want a sour drink will usually want it sour.

Ouroboros adds: "the "fizz" part refers to the presence of the egg white."

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