Traditionally, a mix consisting of root beer and orange pop. More and more, used to refer to any non-alcoholic combination of soft drinks, juices and other (intended-to-be-drunk) fluids. Typically non-lethal.

Warning: do not mix j0lt cola and Coke together - what you end up with will taste like soap.

Can also refer to liquid found in a marsh; also to any mixture of liquids resulting in a murky, muddy appearance.

Hot summer days we would search the house up and down for empty soda cans and bottles. The amount that filled a paper grocery bag was just right, each carrying one to the store several blocks away. Cashed in silver coins in hand, we would quickly reexchange these for small candy items and a waxed paper cup. At the soda fountain we would move the cup back and forth from nozzle to nozzle, even amounts from each until the cup was full, creating a drasticly overcolored and flavored syrupy sweet mess. Most of the time named swamp water, others we would aptly call it 'A Graveyard'.

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