EP released by Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) in 1993, on Warp Records as catalog number WAP39. It consists of two parts, On and On Remixes. The tracklists are as follows:


On Remixes:

On is one of the classic Aphex Twin tracks of the early nineties. The genre is bordering on ambient house, with a bit of the caustic beats we all know and love. The video for On was directed by Jarvis Cocker of brit-pop band Pulp, and features a beach in a combination of stop-motion and time lapse. It tells a strange story of a diver and a man fighting with a giant pair of scissors.

As a side-note, the D-Scape Mix has nothing to do with On or D-Scape, it's a separate track. The same goes for 28 Mix, which is speculated to be track #28 from Selected Ambient Works Volume II, as it follows in that vein of sound (On is actually a released as the first single from Selected Ambient Works Volume II, even though no tracks from it appear on SAWII).

The cover art features the classic Aphex Twin logo, in an odd coffeestained mess that looks like a work in progress. It was designed by Dan Parkes (which for some reason is spelled differently than the Dan Parks who designed the Ventolin cover).

It should be mentioned that a large portion of the On Remixes CD are misprints, and the tracklisting from On are on them. The tracks, however, are the remixes. Due to the large number of misprints, they are not worth any more than the correct versions.

Fun fact: The first several times I heard this song, I would get about a minute or so into it, then turn it down and yell "yeah?" You see, there is a small bit that sounds exactly as if my father stands downstairs and yells my name.

Audited July 5, 2002