This is yet another Simpsons quote, this time from "New Kids on the Blecch" (episode CABF12).

When Bart cheats in a race, a stranger in a convertible saves him from an angry, sweaty mob. Bart's rescuer is "LT SMASH", which Bart takes to mean "L. T. Smash". Smash announces that Bart's bad-boy image makes him the perfect addition to a new boy band called the Party Posse. He joins Milhouse, Nelson and Ralph in the fearsome foursome, augmented by an ex-NASA computer to make their singing sound great.

The band is a Smash hit, and guest asterisks *NSYNC show up to congratulate the Party Posse on their success. The group's first video, "Drop Da Bomb", features lots of jet fighters, a Vocoder, and a chorus of veiled hotties singing "YVAN EHT NIOJ". Lisa gets suspicious, and when she replays the tape, she finds a frame containing the "I Want You" recruitment poster. She plays the video backward and realizes that the chorus says "JOIN THE NAVY".

She confronts LT Smash, who is of course Lieutenant Smash. He agrees that the whole thing is just a recruitment effort. We see the Party Posse giving a concert on an aircraft carrier that has somehow managed to pull up to a wooden dock that sits at deck level. (Milhouse appears from behind a rotating microwave dish, miraculously unharmed.) When the top brass announces the end of Project Boy Band (due to an upcoming spoof at MAD Magazine, "the nation's largest mental illness-themed humor magazine", according to Homer), Lt. Smash goes postal and takes the aircraft carrier up the coast to New York, where he aims missiles at the MAD building. *NSYNC arrives with a new hit song to chill the Lieutenant out, but while the bands argue about choreography, the missiles demolish the skyscraper.

In an epilogue, *NSYNC say that while the episode has poked a lot of fun at the Navy, they are brave Americans protecting our nation from Godzilla or whatever -- which is why they've signed up J.C. for a four-year hitch. MPs show up and drag J.C. off as he screams "NOOOOOOOO!"

While the credits roll, we see footage of *NSYNC recording the show, along with a spirited and pretty decent rendition of the end theme on a slide whistle (or was it an ocarina?), courtesy of one of the band members.

So now you know -- and knowing is half the battle! Yo, Smash!

The original writeup is gone, but my exegesis stands.

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