Portrayed by Nancy Cartwright, Nelson Muntz, he of the infamous "Haw haw!", is one of Bart Simpson's classmates on The Simpsons. He's one of Springfield Elementary School's chief bullies and has been seen both working solo and teaming with the trio that is Dolph, Jimbo, and Kearney. He's also toyed with the idea of moving away from bullying and into personal security for hire. His favorite bullying targets include Milhouse Van Houten, Martin Prince, and Bart himself, although he did take a road trip with the three one spring break to the World's Fair in Knoxville, TN (via Branson, MO to see Andy Williams sing).

Nelson's homelife can be described as poor at best. His mother became addicted to cough drops ("In the end her breath was so fresh... *sniff*... she wasn't really my mother anymore") and is currently serving time in prison. He lives with his father in a rundown shack filled with litter and cockroaches. His room is adorned with trash, a matress, and a "Nuke The Whales" poster (says He: "Gotta nuke somethin'"). Out front of the house is a rusted out old hulk of a truck which serves as his father's "shootin' car", a large target for his father to practice shooting. Three more payments and his father will own it.

While few have seen it, Nelson does have a soft side. He briefly dated Lisa Simpson and ditched his ratty vest for a sweater, but in the end he just couldn't give up the vandalism and theft that he loved to much. The relationship between he and Lisa eventually ended after just a few days.

Nelson's future includes becoming a nightclub owner where Bart and Ralph Wiggum often perform illegal cover songs and having a son of his own who, in the fine Muntz family tradition, carries on the tradition of "Haw haw!"

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