"It's the most refreshing music I've heard in a long time, and refreshing is not a word I frequently use to describe music. It's his soulfulness. It's not overstated, it's not understated. It's completely natural." - Ben Harper

Background information:
Out of my highly eccentric music collection, ranging from Engelbert Humperdink to The Beastie Boys, Godspeed You Black Emperor! to Joseph Haydn, this album somehow has found itself in the most respected position of all: top of the pile. Jack Johnson’s third record (following Bushfire Fairytales and September Sessions) is, essentially, just so easy to listen to. This fact does not, however, classify it in the rejection-pile genre of easy listening, but moreover describes the mish-mash of musicians that inspired Johnson’s song writing flavour. Johnson claims that his musical heroes include (or, more accurately, that he “digs”): “Nick Drake, The Beatles, Hendrix, Tribe Called Quest, Dylan, Ben Harper, Radiohead, G. Love and Special Sauce, Otis Redding, Neil Young, Marley, Tom Curren and so on.” The overwhelming chilling-at-the-beach atmosphere created by On and On would suggest that the most prominent of these is Ben Harper, resulting in a genre reminiscent of reggae but not too far off folk rock.

Jack Johnson (vocals/guitar)
Adam Topol (drums/percussion)
Merlo Podlewski (bass)

All songs written by Jack Johnson
Except Wasting time, by Johnson/Topol/Podlewski

Produced by Mario Caldato, jr.
Mixed & engineered by Marcaldato, jr. and Robert Carranza
Mastered by Bernie Grundman
Recorded at The Mango Tree, Hawaii

Track Listing:
01. Times Like These (2.22)
02. The Horizon Has Been Defeated (2.33)
03. Traffic In The Sky (2.50)
04. Taylor (3.59)
05. Gone (2.10)
06. Cupid (1.05)
07. Wasting Time (3.50)
08. Holes To Heaven (2.54)
09. Dreams Be Dreams (2.12)
10. Tomorrow Morning (2.50)
11. Fall Line (1.35)
12. Cookie Jar (2.57)
13. Rodeo Clowns (2.38)
14. Cocoon (4.10)
15. Mediocre Bad Guys (3.00)
16. Symbol In My Driveway (2.50)

Further listening:
Bushfire Fairytales and September Sessions (Johnson’s first and second records)
Ben HarperDiamonds on the inside (Johnson’s inspiration)
Donovan FrankenreiterDonovan Frankenreiter (Inspired by and recorded with Johnson)
The Beautiful GirlsLearn Yourself
Pete Murray - Feeler (Australian equivalents)

All lyrics and quotes scrounged from somewhere within www.jackjohnsonmusic.com.
All inspiration and background music whilst writing provided by the album itself.

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