1:30-ish PM EST

I don't care if my mom's gonna chew me out for this. I felt sick, as I have been for the past couple days. I thought it would get better over time... Oh, how wrong I was. Despite feeling crappy, with a runny nose, sore throat, and general dizziness, I headed off to class. Physics. It took me about an hour (The length of the class) to realize that everything the professor said went straight through me and shot off to the next county. I couldn't focus on ANYTHING. Thus, I decided against going to my German class and headed home. Now, my mom's definately gonna chew me out for this, but I don't care.

    I was sick.

      Not like that's gonna matter to her.

I now sit at home, idle, still swimming in a sea of my own thoughts, or some such nonsense. Maybe not that such nonsense. Whatever such nonsense that means I'm feeling quite dizzy and loopy. I'll try contacting Speakeasy.net to get DSL in here later today. If I'm feeling better.

11:24 PM EST

I suddenly decided that timestamping my daylogs is a GOOD thing. Thankee to all noders who did this before for inspiring me. Byzantine, WWWWolf, I mean you. It's your fault!

Hrm. Looks like DMan's pushed bones too far. Open the eulogy floodgates, I say. Oh, wait, I made one of my own... silly me. Time for a good downvoting, I guess. Maybe some /msging is in demand for gross inaccuracies I missed?

NEW NODES TODAY: realworld IP, Chocky the Chipmunk, Chocky the Chipmunk's Chocky Num-Nums, Rest in Peace DMan

FUN FACT DISCOVERED TODAY: The daylog upvoting crew goes home after 10:00PM EST. Guess I'll have to get my daylogs in earlier.