Last Thursday, Mark Linkous played a plaintive tune for us. Sparklehorse were composed of a bedraggled Mark, a generously-bosomed violinist, an intelligent-blonde bassist, a genius keyboardist wearing spectacles and a taciturn drummer. Their carefully planned music fell into disarray when some technical difficulties scuppered the Linkous' electric guitar. The crowd were remarkably patient as Linkous and the Zodiac crew tried to rectify the problem. There were several more pauses which marred an otherwise excellent set.

He played a lot of stuff from the first album, Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot and more from the latest album but none from the second album Good Morning, Spider. My conjecture is that the stuff on that album he wants to put behind him since it deals with his recovery from illness and drug addiction.

I'm looking for birthday presents for my gf at this weekend. The big day looms large and I know she demands the stars of heaven.