Sparklehorse, essentially the brainchild of Mark Linkous, is a spooky, lo-fi and distinctly dream-folk band of misfits. After working as a house painter and as a chimneysweep (no kidding!) he sent a demo to Capitol Records and got signed, scoring a radio hit with "Someday I'll Treat You Good" off the album Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot (whew!). He then mixed Valium and some prescriptions, and lay comatose in a hotel bathroom with his legs pinned under his body, almost crippling himself. Little has been heard from him after his album Good Morning, Spider, except for a 2000 released EP of old things, called Distorted Ghost. Well, strike that. They've released a new album called It's A Wonderful Life, almost certainly named after the movie.

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