Eskimo Joe is a fine band from Perth, Australia, and a credit to Australian music. They came to fame by winning the 1997 national campus Battle of the Bands, and their resultant guest spot at the Livid Festival.

Their first single, Sweater, was released 1998, catchy and infectious, and remains a favourite with many people. It was put in high rotation on Triple J, and though the general consensus was that they'd be a one-hit-wonder, after a search for a suitable label, they went on to prove people wrong with their self-titled EP, in 1999.

Two years later, they released their first album, Girl, a slightly less poppy, slower and more grown up sound, but no less enjoyable.

They were scheduled to take part in the US and Australian leg of the 2002 Vans Warped Tour, but had to cancel the Australian leg due to illness. They also cancelled the American leg, to write material for a new album. They have been touring Australia lately, appearing in the late-2002 Homebake festival, and will tour the US after the international release of Girl.

Eskimo Joe is:


Demo EP (1997, Media only release, no label)

Sweater EP (1998, Troy Horse/MDS)

Eskimo Joe EP (1999, Modular Recordings)

Girl (2001, Modular Recordings)

Each recording's singles in bold

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