Today was a very complete day

Go Speed Protist, Go!!

Have you ever woke up to find yourself staring at the clock an hour after you intended to get up? Have you ever found yourself doing that on the day of a mid-term??

Living 30 minutes away from the U of MN and having the mid-term start in 20 minutes means that car goes fast. I made it and I think I did pretty well on the test. I did, however, also get back my math mid-term today and it made part of me just wish I would have stayed in bed.

Go Driver, Go!!

The super-secret simulation architecture I have been working on is --> || close to completion. All I need is to squash a few smallish bugs and to make a pretty little installation wrapper around it and I am ready to move onto the next insurmountable problem.

Go Speed Noder, Go!!

I noded a few more e2 kanji nodes and with that number of node added to this very daylog entry, I should now be a level five. Yay!

All this stuff combined makes today a very complete day.