It's understandable that guys may not pick up on date-me-hints from women because of various reasons, a common one being that women sometimes hint too subtly. But what about leave-me-alone/cut-it-out hints?

This is what's been puzzling me the most especially because I feel I am not a subtle person when it comes to disliking something/one. When people (both genders) call me things like sweetheart, sweetie, cutie, honey, etc. I find it truly disgusting and I let them know. I say, "Don't call me that; it offends me and makes me uncomfortable. I'm not your pet." (Not to mention the fact that these words are all on an official list of words not to be used in school or the workplace because they can be considered sexual harrassment.)

Or in other cases, "Stop touching me, it bothers me (while making obvious motions/expressions of disgust from being touched)" "Don't pick me up, it freaks me out. I'm not a toy. (while screaming and kicking if they've persisted after I've told them to cut it out several times)" But yet, they persist; and I continue to request they stop. They insist that it's okay to continue because it's funny or whatever, so they're going to keep doing it. But hey, what about my feelings? I DON'T LIKE IT. LEAVE ME ALONE. AM I BEING TOO SUBTLE? Because I don't get it.

No, really. I want feedback. /msg me! Am I not being obvious enough?