But that girl changes from day to day! Sometimes i'll see a girl on the street and that'll be the one. Just the way she carries herself. Or the attitude of that bass player in the little band at the open stage. The one who sold me the bagel the other morning, or that bulldyke from Texas. The girl with the same name as me who works in the kitchen where my housemate waitresses. OR - that girl that wrote the node which made me cry. Sometimes i wake up and think my ex-girlfriend, the poet, is the girl of my dreams. But she's so far away.

Ask her out? This would spoil the perfect crystalline crush. This would force me to negotiate the whole sexuality thing with a stranger, or with an acquaintance, and those negotiations are rarely sexy, but stumble and bring the event plummeting out of hormones and into politics. This would make her a reality that grates the sheen right off the dreams. Also, i'm shy. And yes, many girls prefer men. You never know.

I don't think there's a one true love out there. Everyone has the potential for perfection, and i fall in love with the facets of divinity shining from their presence.

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