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For all you blockstackers out there...'s something different.

Zoop is a popular puzzle game from Viacom New Media. It seems to be derived from Flipull but more action-oriented. Official ZoopTM games have been released for Game Boy, Game Gear, Sega Genesis, Super NES, Jaguar, Saturn, PlayStation, and Windows. The freepuzzlearena package for Linux, DOS, and Windows (and soon BeOS and Mac OS) contains a clone called Zeus (pick it up at; other (less faithful) clones include Millennium Bugs and XMAS98.

0 0 0 1 6 0 0 . D B .       0 0 2 7
score         . . A .         quota
              . . . .
              . . . .
              . . . .
. . . . . . . o o o o . . . . . . .
A C . . . . . o o A>o . . . . . A A
D . . . . . . o o o o . . . . . . B
. . . . . . . o o o o . . . . . . C
              . . . .
              . . . .
              . . . .
springs       . . . .         level
3 3           . B . .           0 1
(This does not represent 33 springs, but rather two. Each '3' is ASCII art for a spring.)


You control a triangle in the center of the screen. Every second (or more often in advanced levels), a piece comes in from the side and possibly pushes other pieces forward. Two consecutive pieces will never come in from the same quadrant, and runs of consecutive pieces on one row are longer than one might think statistically. If a piece falls into the center square, the game is over.

If you shoot a piece matching the color of your triangle, you will bulldoze it and earn points. For instance, shooting to the right will bulldoze the 'A' pieces and return you to the center, facing the opposite direction. If you shoot a piece not matching your piece, you will switch places with it. Here, shooting upwards would bulldoze A, bounce off B (leaving A behind), and return with B. It's a good idea to "swap" a piece to match the pieces behind it (for example, change the C on the left to an A); then you can bulldoze them in one fell swoop for more points. When you meet your quota of bulldozed pieces, the game speeds up and the background changes.

Various special pieces do different things. A bomb blows up pieces in a 3x3 area centered at the target piece. A gear clears a whole target line of pieces. A splotch clears all the pieces in a quadrant that match the target piece. Collect five spring pieces (represented by a 3 in the diagram) to clear the whole screen.

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