Emulation website hosted on Emulation World. Traditionally has a very old-school focus, favouring 8-bit systems over next-gen stuff.

The site was founded by Zoop, later to become authour of Meka, in 1997 with the title Master System Camp. The site later switched to cover other platforms, but the Sega bias continued, with a new site design mimicking the level opening screens from Sonic 2.

The site became popular due to a number of features. Firstly, the design is very different to most Emu sites; asides from being colourful, it was designed to be fully viewable on machines running at 640x480 resolution, all of which was in keeping with the lo-tech air of the site. Secondly, the staff were both dedicated and actively involved in the Emu scene, with members like Zoop, Spinner-8, Roni and lilac keeping their fingers very much on the pulse. Lastly, the news posts had personality; not just the bland C&P approach used at places like Dave's Classics. The site also boasted a mightly file library, which was updated constantly, rather than just linking to the emu homepage.

Then came Uzplayer. I won't go into details, but during his tenancy at the site, all the old staff left, the site went to shit, Zoop left, then the old staff launched a coup to take the site back (basically breaking in and changing the locks), Uzplayer hung around the messageboards like a bad smell.

The site's a bit listless now. The old staff never quite got their enthusiasm back (or never came back after the whole Uzplayer thing), Zoop's more busy with SMS Power and Meka, and the new staff members that pop up and leave now and again are rather of the bland variety. The file library has been defunct for a long time now.

It's a shame. Still, worth a look. http://www.emucamp.com.

I must declare an interest - I'm an (ex?) staffer, under the name H-Clone. I miss the glory days, but I've not got the sustained interest in emulation required to bring about a renaissance.

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