Meka is an extremely impressive shareware* DOS-based Sega Master System emulator, which also emulates all of that machine's precursors (such as the SG-1000) and a couple of other machines built on the same basic technology (such as the Game Gear, Othello Multi Vision and Coleco Vision). To fully replicate the experience of playing the complete library of Master System titles, it also emulates several peripherals such as the Light Phaser, Paddle controller, FM sound module, and even the 3D glasses (should your graphics card have a stereoscopic option).

Meka boasts a virtually flawless compatibility rate (unlike some emulators, the creators have thoroughly tested the whole SMS library). It also boasts a ton of handy features allowing you to view the machine's palette, registers and sprite memory area, and allowing the user to heavily customise the display and the output (even the naming format of the screen captures, for website maintainers).

Although Meka could be argued to be somewhat slow, and a little buggy (the fullscreen blitter seems not to work on my machine and the sound drivers also have some difficulty) it is an excellent piece of software that no Master System enthusiast should be without. It is clearly a labour of love for the authors, whose intention seems to be to encourage as many people as possible to play Wonderboy III.

And yes, it even emulates the Snail Maze.

*"If you do not agree these terms, then you can delete this software now, as it will destroy your computer after a certain amount of time using a non registered version. Also, if you have dogs living in your house, MEKA will autodetect them and kill them by sending ultrasonic waves through the PC speakers. Just don't say I made it for the money, please."

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