Zsnes is a freeware SNES emulator written by _Demo_, pagefault, the retired zsknight, Nach (who is the team's newest arrival) and a whole host of other contributors. This is because Zsnes was made open source on April 2, 2001. Since that date, the program's (which can be compiled for Windows, DOS, or Linux) source code has been available at sourceforge.

However, the program is difficult to compile, especially on Windows, where I believe that no free compiler is compatible with it (yet). Because of this, an individual known as ipher who has the necessary tools to compile both Windows and DOS ports of the program has put up a site where he hosts compiled Work In Progress versions of the software, along with the source code. The good part of this is that since a few updates are usually made to the source code every few days or so, we the users can download versions with new updated features, before the release of the next official version of the emulator. And since there hasn't been an official release of the emulator since July 2002, this means that plenty of great improvements have been made.

Examples of improvements made in WIP builds since May 25 2003, which is when Nach joined the team and I first became interested in the WIP:

  • Fixed audio problems on Linux with broken drivers (Diablo-D3)
  • Netplay freezing bug fixed (Pagefault)
  • Added more information lines on ROM load. (Pagefault)
  • Fixed name and checksum on EHi ROMs (Nach)
  • More informative chip name (Nach)
  • Interleave info (Type 1 only) (Nach)
  • Bank info (Nach)
  • ToP interleaved hacks for info (Nach)
  • Fixed ToP interleaved loading (Nach)
  • Added CRC32 (Nach)
  • Fixed DSP-3 detection (Nach)
  • Added support for MGD, UFO, and EUR (some file extension formats which Zsnes did not previously support. This feature was requested by me, and added a few days later, which shows you how well these people work..). (Nach)
  • Compiler fix (SamB)
  • Added video information. (Nach)
  • Extra info lines fix. (Pagefault)
  • Fixed DOS sound bugs (Nach & Pagefault)
  • Rewrote the DSP-1 code (Overload, neviksti, The Dumper, and Nach)
  • Added C4 Op25 (anomie, TRAC, and Nach).
  • Prefixed snapshots with leading zeroes. (Nach)
  • More C4 Fixes (DOWN LOAD, MALU, Op 13, and more) Nach
  • Fixed LDMAC (2 Ops) (Thanks to The Dumper) and more. Nach
  • Some fixes in C4 code. Nach

This list will no doubt go out of date very quickly as new features are added and released. To pick up a copy of the WIP build for DOS or Windows then head over to http://ipher.znes.org/zsnes, or if you want source code to compile for Linux then go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/zsnes/. Check out http://www.zsnes.com for a new official version. I highly recommend anyone with even a passing interest in SNES emulation to do so.

Overheard on IRC:

malcster does anyone know why the latest WIP comes with a .cfg file? 
MKendora because ipher was probably drunk when he zipped it.
malcster heh 
MKendora seriously.
MKendora _Demo_ is sober enough to be a Snes9x coder.
MKendora Nach I've never seen intoxicated, but...
MKendora with pf working on ZSNES, they're definitely the drunken emulator.
Sound like my kind of guys...



#aeongen on Darkmyst chat server.

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