Alternatively, a word used to describe something that is delicious as a direct result of it being sacrilegious. Similar to the way most people say naughty with a devilish grin on their face.

A few weeks ago (click here for the day log), I had a party and my God-fearing old buddy made a surprise appearance. He jokes about how... well, about how I'll probably go to hell. He's a straight edge and doesn't approve of drinking and other related activities. Anyway, as when he left he gave me his e-mail address with his name written below it, with the words "remember me?" I then wrote down my e-mail address for him, signed with my name and

That sacrilicious chick, remember?

I knew it looked wrong but didn't catch the drunken error until he pointed it out, laughing. I decided I had invented a fabulous word and that, in this case, it described me pretty well. I only remembered Homer Simpson saying it later.

Marge:(upon finding Homer praying aloud in the living room, looking to the sky)Homer! That's not God. That's just a waffle Bart threw up there. (she peels it off the ceiling with a broomstick)

Homer: I know I shouldn't eat thee, but...(taking a bite)Mmmmm. Sacrilicious.

i love God because

he melts in your mouth just like

M & M candies.


Underneath a pile

of burning cash and flags, I

cooked my pancake.

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