Sung to the tune of "Luck be a Lady Tonight" from the musical "Guys and Dolls".

Mark Hamill       Luke, be a Jedi tonight!
                  Just be a Jedi tonight!

Mark Hamill and   Do it for Yoda,
Chorus            While we serve our guests a soda.

Mark Hamill       Uh, and do it for Chewie and the Ewoks,
                  and all the other puppets ...

Mark Hamill and   Luke be a Jedi tonight!

From The Simpsons, episode AABF05, "Mayored to the Mob", Homer Simpson is Mayor Quimby's bodyguard and they've gone to the "Springfield Dinner Theatre showing of Guys and Dolls" starring Mark Hamill (who we meet earlier on in the episode at the bi-mon-sci-fi-con (Bi-Monthly Science-Fiction convention). In this "production", Luke is playing the role of Nathan Detroit (despite the fact that in Guys and Dolls, Luck be a Lady is sung by Sky Masterson).

In a final case of reality imitating fiction, "Guys and Dolls" is currently on the stage in London. The co-lead role of Sky Masterson - singing the real "Luck be a Lady Tonight" - is played by Ewan McGregor - who has just finished playing Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars episodes 1-3.

Interesting... This WU must have really touched a nerve because it's +20/-20 so far!

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