Instantly recognisable by her tower of blue hair, Marge Simpson could be described as the straight man (or woman) of The Simpsons. The 34 year old mother of three works almost constantly in the home as a housewife clearing up after her husband and her three children, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

Marge is an intelligent woman and has tried many different careers in her time which have included police officer and anti-violence activist. She is now happy as a homemaker and very proud of her husband Homer and her family. Even when her sisters Patty and Selma encourage her to leave her husband, she never does and most likely never will do. She met him in 1974, just after she burned her bra at a Women's Liberation Demonstration and has stood by her man ever since. She did almost leave him once though after an affair with her Bowling teacher.

As well as Bart's antics, she clears up after Homer, looks after Maggie, and tries to keep Lisa from getting too carried away with her latest moral crusade. So it's not suprising that some of her hair, which makes her in total 8'6" tall, started to fall out due to stress in one Simpsons episode.

Many different things have been found in her hair over the series. A few of these things are a huge jar of cash, numerous animals, Maggie's dummy, a beach umbrella, pencils and a swarm of bats!


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