123 Fake St. is the address given by Marge Simpson to Police Chief Wiggum in the Simpsons episode Trilogy of Error.
As Homer Simpson attempts to steal brownies, Marge cuts off his thumb, and then attempts to call 911. Upon receiving the call, Wiggum assumes that Marge has attempted to kill Homer, and demands an address. The one she supplies is 123 Fake St.

Later in the episode, Bart Simpson and Milhouse, while fleeing Fat Tony and his henchmen (due to a fireworks sting gone bad), enter the property at 123 Fake St. (an apparently empty apartment), only to be captured by Wiggum.

The address is also the one given by George Hotelling (of weblog 90% Crud) to iTunes when setting up the account which he sold on eBay, in an experiment regarding the applicability of "right of resale" to digital media. The sale was a success, raising money for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and forcing Hotelling to transfer the account wholesale, during which he had to convince the phone monkey that his address was 123 "fah-kay" street.

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