A lively game of memory and context where participants quiz each other on trivia from The Simpsons.

The game goes like this: Person A asks Person B something like "Who or what upstaged the aeronautical heroics of Homer during his adventure in space?" Person B would then have to answer "An inanimate carbon rod!" Now, A couldn't have asked this without knowing the answer him/herself. If B was stumped and A was bluffing, A would probably play it off like he/she "wasn't REALLY asking."

Please note that the question doesn't have to involve any big words like that. It can simply be "Who shot Mr. Burns?" This is a perfectly valid question in spite of appearing on millions of 7-11 Slurpee cups one summer after season five.

Any question is valid, but the more obscure the answer, the higher the stakes. If you know the street that the Simpsons live on, consider yourself an average-grade trivia player. If you know what Grampa's advice to Homer was on his wedding day, you're ready to play with the big kids.

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