02:31: conform says EDEV: what are "musicnode" nodea nad why can't i look at them?

03:26: clampe says EDEV: musicnode is a gods specific node. Ignore it. This is not the node you are looking for.

03:38: yerricde says EDEV: conform was probably looking for noding melodies and noding music.

03:40: waterhouse says EDEV: well great. now i'm curious about what that actually is. sigh.

03:58: yerricde says EDEV: Would it be a Bad Thing to put a catbox-like system into word galaxy?

03:59: m_turner says EDEV: I think it would be a very good thing. Even if it makes the word galaxy take an extra minute... it gives people something to do durring that time.

04:38: Rancid_Pickle says EDEV: Odd error: two server errors ( 6116712, 1462364 ) surrounding this: (ERROR: CoolUncoolIt: writeup's node_id=?)

04:38: Rancid_Pickle says EDEV: The node is yugoslavia

04:50: yerricde says EDEV: Would it be that hard to set E2's server time to the atomic clock during word galaxy?

06:20: Eraser_ says EDEV: re:clampe well now you've got us all curious. you have to spill ;-)

07:09: Eraser_ says EDEV: unrelated: i'm making a PHP (shush perl monks :) script that logs into here, and holds onto the cookie. But when i POST all the schtuff to node_id 109 (login), i get the main page back. It logs me in, yes, but how do i get the little cheapy

07:10: Eraser_ says EDEV: >> page that just says "hi, wanna go here or there?"

10:51: N-Wing says EDEV: Try adding something like (with no spaces) to the URL: op=login & node_id=109 (actually, you don't even need a POST to login, just a GET will work, since all the params are short)

13:21: waterhouse says EDEV: was the resizing of the results of the user search intentional, or just a byproduct of adding the cast values to it?

14:29: Amoeba Protozoa says EDEV: I love the new cast displays, but wouldn't it be cool to be able to sort on this data to see which of my nodes is the most contraversial?

15:38: Rancid_Pickle says EDEV: OK, has someone now added a random filler for the "search" function? Every so often I get odd links there not related to the last node looked at.

15:40: Gritchka says ONO: EDEV: Search is being slowly corrupted by cases of node titles changed but not individual write-ups, I suspect. So a non-matching node title still matches?

15:42: Rancid_Pickle says EDEV: Hmmm, I've had guest user, server error, and network pop up there from totally unrelated GTKY-type nodes

16:11: yerricde says EDEV: What RP may be seeing is the fact that a query made of all stop words will return the first few nodes in the system by node_id.

16:33: dotc says EDEV: yerr: stop words?

16:39: Rancid_Pickle says EDEV: How about making the "You've gained/lost ?? xp" link directly to the node from which the XP was gained?

16:41: m_turner says EDEV: dotc - stop words are the very common words in searches that are filtered out to get to the real meat of the query.

16:43: dotc says EDEV: mturner -- thanks. I think how e2 has handled them have changed in the past few months -- previously some weird stuff appeared searching for 'on'

16:47: Gritchka says ONO: EDEV: Links from XP gain to wu rather assume you're logged on often enough that ou only get them 1 or 2 at a time.

18:37: mblase says EDEV: I see from the new Vitals code we need a better name for the "lists" links ... maybe "indices"? "summaries"? Not sure what else sounds good....

18:55: jaubertmoniker says EDEV: Now we just need those E-Developer-style [+] and [-] things in vitals

19:06: Pyrogenic says EDEV: somehow, the only three things I used regularly which used to be all together (e2 scratchpad,Java Chatterbox,andMessage Inbox) are now scattered! The horror! :-)

19:09: mblase says EDEV: pyrogenic: You c'n use the Personal Nodes nodelet if it's a genuine issue for you.

19:10: The Cow says EDEV: What about + and - on the nodelets? That way I can check who's online without going to Preferences...

19:13: jaubertmoniker says EDEV: Wow. /me likes that idea...

19:14: mblase says EDEV: the + and - links are coming to the Vitals nodelet soon ... patience, grasshoppers

19:17: Pyrogenic says EDEV: In the Message Inbox jaubertmoniker's [+] and [-] show up as [+] and [-].

19:20: Pyrogenic says EDEV: and mine show up as [+] and [-]. ;-) (sorry.)

19:21: JayBonci says EDEV: Higher ups: The default "Don't display in new writeups" is broken in the reserved nodes "E2 nuke request, etc". Just a heads up.

19:31: Pyrogenic says EDEV: actually, they don't. Which means all thats wrong is Message Inbox replaces ampersands with the entity and the Chatterbox doesn't.

19:36: Eraser_ says EDEV: ok, why is it when i do a HEAD/GET request to everything i don't get back a cookie, but the login works? (i even get back the right node :)

19:40: Eraser_ says EDEV: never mind, i'm even getting back the right node now with post...

20:14: N-Wing says EDEV: I was trying to fix some case of the titles on certain things. Of course, since addwriteup is hard-coded to title equality, a change in case messed it up. :-/

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