00:59:32: conform: EDEV: the new "Cast: " score on WUs is very pleasing.

01:00:40: m_turner: EDEV: very much so. (astheticaly, it would be nice to have a bit more symetry about the C!, but thats just me)

01:02:02: WonkoDSane: EDEV: WE LOVE YOU EDEV! Oh, and you too, nate.

01:02:08: N-Wing: EDEV: I think you can blame nate for the "Cast" thing. I don't do everything around here!

01:02:29: conform: EDEV: will that value be added to Everything User Search so it can migrate to the node tracker?

01:03:17: nine9: EDEV: (m_turner) agreed... at least it gives one the chance to understand whether or not a w/su low rep is due to bad content, or underexposure...

01:03:47: m_turner: EDEV: /msg n-wing we just like to blame you when something breaks. I mean, we can't go blaming nate all the time, now can we?

01:04:30: kaatunut: EDEV: thank you. (by the way, what does this imply about the effectiveness of e2 suggestions or mailto:bones@slashdot.org? this thing was suggested like 5 times in official suggestion area before :P)

01:05:52: nine9: EDEV: (kaatunut) yes, well, the answer to your question would be just a tad telling, wouldn't it? bones et. al. seem to be a bit busy these days... mind you now, aren't we all?

01:08:47: kaatunut: EDEV: yup. main thing is it's done. now that we're here... what do you think of little text field next to node buttons, if you write something in it you lose one or two extra votes but get to send an anonymous message to author? to dampen the moans on

01:09:33: kaatunut: EDEV: cbox and countless nodes? according to what they say, nobody cares about the exp, it's the reason that counts.

01:23:26: Pyrogenic: EDEV: re: kaatunut's comment suggestion: klaproth or Cool Man Eddie could deliver them based on whether the vote was up or down ;-) Seriously, it sounds like a pretty good idea. But I'd make it a javascript that set an anonymous flag >>

01:25:36: Pyrogenic: EDEV: >> and put the "/msg USER" into the catbox. Or something. I spoke to soon.

02:04:46: kaatunut: EDEV: "Cast:" in node heaven too? I don't see reason for vote table for dead nodes, but maybe save the cast-count upon nuke?

02:29:18: atesh: EDEV: I'm conveying a msg from GangstaFeelsGood: "hey, the new votes cast thing is great.BUT its in a bad plae. its useful info, but only if you really wnat it. it would be much better placed on the right of the date or something. >>

02:29:24: clampe: EDEV: Re: official suggestion arenas. Please remember that neither bones nor nate get a dime out of the work they do on the site, just like the rest of us. They obviously care, but they gotta eat too.

02:29:50: atesh: EDEV: >> its just that it should be available if you WANT to look at it, but not in your face. End GangstaSpeak.

02:37:58: [atesh: EDEV: I'd also like to add that moving the cast stat to your user search would also be a nice feature. Allowing you to also sort by highest/lowest cast.

03:49:09: JerboaKolinowski: EDEV: about the new 'cast': 1) Woo! Rapid implementation! :) 2) would the format be better as "Reputation: 10/10' (say) instead, and make Reputation a link to a node that explains what -1/10 means?

04:04:38: atesh: EDEV: The problem with the 10/10 format is that it would create more clutter..

04:25:40: donfreenut: EDEV: Personally, I don't think we should be able to see the cast # for other users' writeups. I think that sucks.

04:32:32: waterhouse: EDEV: what's the difference between seeing the rep of a wu you vote on and seeing its cast? seems like the argument for one would work for the other.

06:01:40: Eraser_: EDEV: re: golden trinkets, i would like to be able to see when i get (or lose :) the golden trinket. Also, what is the Cast: thing? total votes cast on a writeup? Would it be possible for us to see how many trinkets we've gained vs. lost?

08:38:09: Gritchka: EDEV: Seeing casts for _other_ people is dangerous, I think. Gives you too much information about their popularity in ways that might not be good. Check out your Editor, Day, or Dream logs for some potentially startling numbers.

10:34:44: jean-yves: EDEV: Sorry if I am repeating someone else here, I haven't been keeping up to date with EDEV but would it be possible to get the 'casts' value of WU's in your own user search?

13:15:30: kaatunut: EDEV: hmh, how is it not good to know other people's popularity? We already get rep which presumably is there precisely for the reason of telling us the popularity of node, how is cast any different?

14:22:46: jaubertmoniker: EDEV: Maybe this is ridiculously unnecessary, but could we make it optional to let people view "casts" on our writeups?

16:00:38: mblase: EDEV: I agree that "cast: " should be replaced by the more-compact "/" -- it's also more intuitive, IMO.

16:20:55: Stilroc: EDEV: just as long as people don't think the "/" divider is saying "This many people out of this many people liked your writeup". For every person who "doesn't" like it, the rep goes down.

16:24:08: JerboaKolinowski: EDEV: 'take care of the syntax, and the semantics will look after themselves' :)

16:26:39: yerricde: EDEV: To make it a little clearer: I think rep:36/cast:40 should be "Rep: 36 (+38/-2)"

16:27:39: Gritchka: ONO: EDEV: Good idea, I like that.

16:30:02: Eraser_: EDEV: i like yerricdes idea of rep: 2 (+300/-298)

16:35:10: Stilroc: EDEV: I third the motion agreeing w/ yerricide's idea.

16:44:18: bol: EDEV: I can see it's a work in progress, but I think the test now is overly long. I vote for "Reputation: x(+y/-z)"

16:50:12: yerricde: EDEV: bol's version seconded

17:00:58: mblase: EDEV: cast is fixed already -- /me likes :-)

17:51:13: The Cow: EDEV: Re: Who owns what - would anyone else voluntarily give the EDC the right to negotiate for the sale of nodes on their behalf? Maybe for a 33% fee, or similar?

18:48:34: conform: EDEV: reputations has some bugs to be worked out. How to read poetry out loud is at "Reputation: 6 (+7.5/-1.5)"

18:51:30: conform: EDEV: and sensei's WU in Don't force your gay philosophy on me is at "Reputation: 87 (+84.5/--2.5)" (note the doube negative in "--2.5". apparently it has a higher reputation than its votes can account for.

19:21:25: Randofu: EDEV: would it be too taxing on the system to include up/downvotes in the user information?

23:49:01: kaatunut: EDEV: I am probably talking too much, but who have the right to modify code? only the elite (n-wing, nate and others)? maybe cvs or something to chosen edevites? (don't say "everydevel")

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