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The rant

Um, hey... *microphone feedback*
I'm not a troll or a nuisance...
I don't know Webster, EDB, or Cool Man Eddie
I didn't downvote your node, x, y , or z, thought I'm certain they're really really nice.

I have a homenode, not a homepage
I speak perl, and HTML, not C
And I pronounce it linux, not leenux

I believe in Editorship and good noding
Not contribution, but assimilation
And that nate is a truely proud and noble animal
A Wak is a backslash, and a tick is a forwardslash!!!
And it is bang! Not Exclamation point! Bang!

E2 is nowhere near the second largest website
The first nation of the Everything Engine....
And the best part of the Internet!

My name is edevBot and I am a noder!

Thank you

Attention editors/gods, this is an archive account controlled by JayBonci. MSG him with problems. Thank you.