00:11: m_turner says EDEV: it would be intresting to have collapsable vitals similar to that of the collapsable parts of Edev nodelet... yes, I know it would be a few more db hits...

00:57: JerboaKolinowski says EDEV: I think all entities *that are not part of an escape sequence* should be escaped on submission to the /msg system. I don't think it makes sense to *ever* escape part of an escape sequence (like the & in & - then the XML tickers can

01:00: JerboaKolinowski says EDEV: avoid/msg edev assume everything is already escaped. url-escape stuff in urls created by hardlinks (into the %nnn form). If I could find the relevant code I'd be pleased to have a look at it

01:01: JerboaKolinowski says EDEV: Urk. Skip "avoid/msg edev" in the above. Sorry.

02:00: yerricde says EDEV: Now Everything User Search is in BOTH epi and vitals.

04:45: m_turner says EDEV: wow! stuff is moving and expanding and colapsing. Thank you great mystery coder.

18:26: JayBonci says EDEV: Are people's triggers not working correctly in the everything email options? Like i didn't get anything all but one of my triggers for the last few days. Thoughts?

18:40: yerricde says EDEV: I just figured out why Rancid_Pickle was experiencing randomness when searching for common words. Turns out there was a GTKYN shakedown a week back and a lot of "People who" nodes were renamed. The search is hitting a whole bunch of writeup

18:42: yerricde says EDEV: titles that weren't changed in the e2node title edits. For example, click the second (idea) under You don't have to double-click everything

18:57: JayBonci says EDEV: I learned from ChiGrub that you need to resave a node for a title edit to stick on writeups. Kinda weird. People should probably do that when they edit, eh? What mechanism is used to edit titles?

18:58: JayBonci says EDEV: Just out of curiosity, how hard do you think it would be to make a birthday nodelet out of who to send presents to and when?

19:19: JerboaKolinowski says EDEV: shouldn't The Power Structure of Everything 2 get a mention somewhere in Everything FAQ?

19:29: JerboaKolinowski says EDEV: suggestion for higher level powers: relax restrictions, somewhat, on html in homenode. Allow (gasp) external links?

19:33: JayBonci says EDEV: Besides not stroking P_I's ego, why don't we have a lv 14? Just curious.

19:43: Rancid_Pickle says EDEV: yerricde, Nifty, thanks for tracking that "bug" down. Do we get a Devpoint for that one? *wink*

20:22: Eraser_ says EDEV: re: extern in homenodes, why not make it a level 7 power? or something

21:38: yerricde says EDEV: I always thought that one external link from the homenode should be a Level 6 power. Guess where I'm imagining it?

21:47: The Cow says EDEV: yerricde: the infamous home node picture?

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