A libertarian's (and thief's) paradise. The bastion of free speech. A system that people and organizations can use to store and exchange information, in complete privacy (and secrecy, if reasonable encryption algorithms are used), without the fear of governments intervening through subpoenas, taxes and censorship. Hosted in a country with a legal system much more lax than the ones of most industrialized countries, or one with no legal system at all.

This sounds like an excerpt from Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon, except that it's not. This one's for real. HavenCo (www.havenco.com) opens tomorrow, in Sealand, a former British WWII fortress located off the eastern coast of England. From a New York Times article: "... a self-proclaimed prince, Roy Bates, an eccentric retired British army major ... in 1968 briefly gained notoriety when he landed at the abandoned fortress and declared it a sovereign nation -- the Principality of Sealand -- outside the reach of British law."

According to their website, they will even offer free colocation to organization with worthy causes, such as Tibet Online. (Sorry, DMan)

A true data haven would have to be very distributed. A suitably pissed off person, corporation, or government could always throw a large bomb on a known data haven. Gnutella is an example of a data haven, it keeps our mp3s and porn safe.

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