The Sultanate of Kinakuta is a fictitious Island in Neal Stephenson's novel, Cryptonomicon. Much of the modern half of this book revolves directly around this location, where Randy Waterhouse and Avi's company intend to create a data haven. Intended to be housed in a hollowed out cave system on the island which has formerly served various purposes such as a Nipponese base and fallback point during the second world war.

Though the island has been occupied by numerous countries throughout the years, most notably the Germans and the Nipponese, the island's Sultan has always remained in power over the locals, though the world's international politics have more or less long ignored the island. Through the complete lack of copyright law and vast data facilities and communications hub status, the Sultan hopes to create vast prosperity for his nation (and himself).

Notable events in Kinakuta's history are limited to primarily one incident when the locals overwhelmed American troops guarding a prison camp where Nipponese soldiers were being held and killed every last one of them.

The closest the real world has to offer to Kinakuta right now is the Principality of Sealand, an antiaircraft platform built in World War II by Britain, which was abandoned after the war and occupied in the 1960s by Prince Roy, a British ex-military man. Now, a company called HavenCo operates a data haven on the platform. If you are interested in reading more about Sealand, it already has a node of its own.

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