For all gold sovereigns post 1817, the specifications are:
diameter: 22.05mm
Weight: 7.98 grams
Alloy: 22 carat gold = 0.917 parts per 1000
Actual gold content = 7.315 grams or 0.2354 troy ounces

Although the U.K. stopped producing gold sovereigns in 1914 (gold was needed for The War), branch mints continued to produce sovereigns, Ottawa in Canada until 1919, Bombay in India in 1918, Sydney (Australia) until 1926, Melbourne and Perth (Australia) until 1931, and Pretoria (South Africa) until 1932.

From 1957, bullion sovereigns were issued almost every year until 1968, then not until 1974 when regular production was restarted.

Many different designs have been used on the gold sovereign coin but the most famous is undoubtedly the "Saint George and the Dragon" that was introduced in 1817 and is still being used today. It was designed by an Italian artist and engraver, Benedetto Pistrucci.

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Point of Information : Gold Sovereigns have gone out of official circulation, however they are still minted by the Royal Mint for the British Armed Forces.

Soldiers and Airman are issued with these coins as emergency funds for when they are captured or shot down.

The last time (that I know of) that they were issued, was to the Flight Crew and Pilots of the Royal Air Force during the Gulf War.

Sovereigns are still available at

They are often bought as gifts , particularly for new arrivals (of the baby kind) - also see Krugerands and Britannias etc.

Sov"er*eign [OE. soverain, sovereyn, OF. soverain, suvrain, F. souverain, LL. superanus, fr. L. superus that is above, upper, higher, fr. super above. See Over, Super, and cf. Soprano. The modern spelling is due to a supposed connection with reign.]


Supreme or highest in power; superior to all others; chief; as, our sovereign prince.


Independent of, and unlimited by, any other; possessing, or entitled to, original authority or jurisdiction; as, a sovereign state; a sovereign discretion.


Princely; royal.

"Most sovereign name."


At Babylon was his sovereign see. Chaucer.


Predominant; greatest; utmost; paramount.

We acknowledge him [God] our sovereign good. Hooker.


Efficacious in the highest degree; effectual; controlling; as, a sovereign remedy.


Such a sovereign influence has this passion upon the regulation of the lives and actions of men. South.

Sovereign state, a state which administers its own government, and is not dependent upon, or subject to, another power.


© Webster 1913.



The person, body, or state in which independent and supreme authority is vested; especially, in a monarchy, a king, queen, or emperor.

No question is to be made but that the bed of the Mississippi belongs to the sovereign, that is, to the nation. Jefferson.


A gold coin of Great Britain, on which an effigy of the head of the reigning king or queen is stamped, valued at one pound sterling, or about $4.86.

3. Zool.

Any butterfly of the tribe Nymphalidi, or genus Basilarchia, as the ursula and the viceroy.

Syn. -- King; prince; monarch; potentate; emperor.


© Webster 1913.

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