track one off of Ween's God Ween Satan album.

what follows is an interpretation of the lyrics from the point of view of the "narrator."

You fucked up
this bit of lyric points out that you are at fault, not me, you.
You bitch
and for these transgessions I will fling a common insult in your general direction.
You really fucked up
you didn't just kind of screw things up .. you really, fantastically screwed things up .. you bitch.
You fucked up
a reiteration of line one.
you fuckin' nazi whore
for the aforementioned transgressions I have decided to label you a fascist, Hitler-worshiping prostitute, a fuckin' one at that.
You dicked me over
this expands upon lines one and four to show that whilst "fucking up" you were doing it with complete disregard for me, my feelings (*sniffle*), etc.
But now you'll pay
I have decide that I will take revenge for your hideous, quite-becoming-of-a-nazi-whore actions .. "revenge is a dish best served cold."
You fucked up
I'm mad.

thank you and good night.

(disclaimer: this was not meant to be sexist in any way. ;))

I've been to a number of Ween shows and these guys really know how to entertain. Since this is a popular song amongst Ween fans, there are many cries of "You Fucked Up!" directed at the stage during concerts. At one show, a young man standing near me, who obviously had no idea that this was a song title, responded to one of these outcries with "Shut up! They did not!"

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