Progression can not be achieved without friction.

You must learn the ability to let that which truly does not matter slide.

A perfectly rational being would never die for a cause (No emotional drives/passions). What I call rational is in fact passion.

Is objective reality merely a security blanket? Why does the Law of Non-Contradiction exist?

Tradition (church, Christmas, religious holidays) and chronological repetition combats our innate desire to be sporadic. It accomplishes its goal, however: we are forced to set aside our emotions.

Everything I want, I already have. Construction is more entertaining than consumption.

It's a shame that physical needs transcend higher wants and pleasures. We fight poverty, not depression: problems persist. The answers to social problems are all wrong.

I am torn between conforming to traditional feelings/emotions concerning events, or blasting my own path with lonely individualism.

Political Correctness = Fundamentalism of the left.

The American class system has never been more stratified.

Communication, mistaken for a virtue in itself, has substituted for sympathetic, beneficial social existence.

Time travel presents a chronological paradox. The fact that you can "go back" in time and change the past creates a structure of paradoxical time.

"What a piece of work is a man."

Most of us ignore the notable ideas and fashions purely for the sake of being novel.

"If I thought of it now, I can think of it again."

Defending something causes you to begin to believe it is true.

I avoid prayer more out of a pride issue than a philosophical confrontation.

Being indirect allows the critics to miss the true message and believers to love it.

Think about - The benefit of shallowness - not drawing meaning out of things that don't need to.

Heaven's just a sin away.

Life isn't about a message, an end result. It's about experience and the now.

Continuing programs to improve race relations merely highlight the issue and prevent the full disappearance of tension.

Everyday - Things Change : Basically Stay the Same.

The human jungle: the urban landscape.

Time allows change. Without time there is no change. Change does not occur. Time is useless.

I love when everything is coming apart and falling down - because I realize how unnatural humans are, and how still trapped in the cycle.

I can imagine death as the soul throwing off the body as if it is a dirty jacket - infested with insects.

Technology depresses me - a return to nature is the only path.

Lately I've been feeling low. The remedy's what I'm looking for - cooking for. So I take a taste of what's below - come away.

It is the future that perpetually perpetuates the entity of hope.

Techno music and lights are stimuli for trance induction. I could sit here for hours - both stagnant and ultimately dynamic simultaneously.

I alternate between overwhelming confidence that surges up to physical animation, and a mocking comment of the pitifulness of it all, that I a merely a fool.

The past never contains the same giddy excitement that all share for the future. Anticipation reigns experience.

After the gratification of the spirit, I smile, and paradoxically move to meet the abyss - the emptiness of slumber.

Beauty is no longer physical features - it the glimpse of an outwardly expressed emotion, or the heartfelt internalization of the same. It abounds.

Today is going to be the best day of your life. Smile.

Everything seems so utterly foolish when I realize I could retreat to sustaining nature and live in perfect harmony.

Profound Optimism: It's life, and it's awesome as hell.

The Christian Doctrine loves the concept of Ignorance is Bliss. The Garden of Eden and the entity of faith both are constructed upon unknowing.

I am not a propagandist. I'm not trying to convince, merely to understand.

No matter what I believe or conceive my thoughts must constantly be transcribed to the reality of words.

By focussing forward on the future, I'm missing the here and now of life - I should take things as they come.

At this time in my life, I will let no one stand in my way and laws will not affect me.

What is a Unitarian Universalist?
What do you believe?

I believe we are all one
I believe that the questioning heart is sacred
I believe that to ask a question is to praise and long for the Beloved
I believe that we long to be one
I believe we are all one

Who are you?
What do you believe?

Written in response to the 9/27/15 sermon:

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