Electronic musician whose alter ego is Squarepusher (and Rumble 1, Stereotype, etc.). Pals with Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin, etc.) in England, their styles are similar in some ways. Plays a mean bass geetar on his albums and apparently live at shows, too.

He has collaborated with Talvin Singh, possibly Björk and Luke Vibert/Wagon Christ. Records on the Nothing, Warp, and Rephlex labels.

A discography:
    as Squarepusher:
  • Big Loada
  • Budakhan Mindphone
  • Hard Normal Daddy
  • Burning'n'Tree
  • Maximum Priest (EP)
  • Music is Rotted One Note
  • Port Rhombus EP
  • Selection Sixteen
  • Vic Acid
    as Rumble 1:
  • Crot EP
    as Stereotype:
  • Stereotype EP (Nothings Clear label)
Tom Jenkinson has also recorded as Chaos A.D. (his more hardcore/early releases). His style is very jazzy, with lots of influence from drill 'n' bass, jungle and sometimes even acid.

He did a collaboration called Freeman Hardy and Willis Acid with Richard D. James as Squarepusher/AFX on the Warp compilation We are Reasonable People.

His newest single is My Red Hot Car, which was released 2001 before the album Go Plastic, represents a shift in style for Mr. Jenkinson. Although jazzy as always, it is a parody of UK Garage and 2-step, with hilarious lyrics (I'm gonna fuck you with my red hot cock).

Audited October 5, 2001

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