2001 LP by Squarepusher. The track titles contain a few references to Music Is Rotted One Note, though this album is much heavier on the drill 'n' bass.
  1. My Red Hot Car
  2. Boneville Occident
  3. Go Spastic
  4. Metteng Excuske V1.2
  5. The Exploding Psychology
  6. I Wish You Could Talk
  7. Greenways Trajectory
  8. Tommib
  9. My Fucking Sound
  10. Plaistow Flex Out

Contains some utterly brilliant moments ("Boneville Occident" and "Tommib" among them), but Tom's getting perilously close to making noise. He does provide us with quite a masterpiece in "The Exploding Psychology", though. Pusher's melodies can make you cry, but he also knows what buttons to push to make your ears bleed. If you get off on deafeningly massive snare rushes, sleazy dry funk, and snarling incantations of "Come to fucking daddy!", I guess this is the record for you.

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