I can’t understand how people have as much apathy as they do. I wish that I could stop caring about things. The casual attitudes towards learning, working, driving, loving, and hundreds of other things amaze me. It's not even that the people have convinced themselves that they shouldn't care, they just never had the thought in their little heads that they should.

Although it means that I'm a good, caring person and all that, it is a real pain in the ass to be bothered by things that other people could give a rat's ass about.

I hear about some tragedy on the news and I can't just forget about it five minutes later, I think about how I would feel if it happened to me and how the people must feel. There is plenty of opportunity for walking around in my town and I am shocked at the number of cars that would rather hit a pedestrian than give them the right of way. Even the typical driver who cuts you off-other people just get mad, but me-I'm sitting there mad but also wondering if maybe they were lost and just found out they needed to turn or something.

I think the biggest shocker is high school. At least at mine, the students take it all for granted. They treat this free education as if it were a joke. They don't care when teachers genuinly make an effort, they don't want to become learned people, and grades are something to be casually bargained for (in many non-advanced classes). The people with no-brainer classes get the schedule they asked for, but those who are challenging themselves have a hell of a time because each class is only offered once or twice. Procrastination often means for others that they just won't do the project, essay, or whatever. I can't just not care. I would lay awake and not be able to sleep if I knew that I had an important assignment about to be blown off.

While the people who just don't care are stupid and missing out on things, I can't help but envy them. They get twice the sleep I do when a project is due. They get to wherever they're going faster, don't feel bad thinking about a story of a person they'll never know, and in general aren't as stressed. But for some reason I still care. Ah, well.

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