Squarepusher's 1998 drum'n'bass album is actually closer to jazz/fusion than to anything Aphex Twin makes. Drum'n'bass in this case means precisely that - the bass and the drums are live and are played by Tom Jenkinson himself. The result is am amazing, dirty-sounding record that evokes the spirits of both jazz and electronica without actually being either. Miles Davis, this one's for you.

Music Is Rotted One Note

  1. Chunk-S
  2. Don't Go Plastic
  3. Dust Switch
  4. Curve 1
  5. 137 (Rinse)
  6. Parallelogram Bin
  7. Circular Flexing
  8. Ill Descent
  9. My Sound
  10. Drunken Style
  11. Theme from Vertical Hold
  12. Ruin
  13. Shin Triad
  14. Step 1
  15. Last Ap Roach

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