My older sister told me over the phone from thousands of miles away that I should hear this band that was indescribably beautiful and reminded her of the Queen of Candyland (a childhood board game). They were from Iceland and some guy from Radiohead said that they were fantastical (my words). Afterwards all I could remember was that the name of the band sounded something like cigarette. I have also since read wack comparisons of their music to that of Radiohead.

Months later, my sister graduated from college, and I went to Michigan, to hang with her for a week. Then, I heard Ágætis Byrjun.

I have since heard the music of Sigur Rós described as "God weeping tears of gold in heaven". But that is like describing an orgasm as "good". This must be heard to be believed. And don't think it'll sound like Björk just because it's Icelandic. This shit blows Björk out the water like an A bomb.

There is not a word of English on this album. But you know what it means. All the vocals are sung by a man, a fact which you might not believe when listening to the high pitched croon of Jon Birgisson. But it sounds perfectly sincere, and true. It haunts. They say that their music is inspired by the landscapes around them. All that means is that this music is wicked crazy awesome.

I hope this helps. This album should be heard and can be ordered from Fat Cat records.

~>Or, "A fair start" to someone who actually speaks Icelandic.

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