A "mini-album" by Squarepusher on the Nothing/Warp label, released 1999. Tom Jenkinson weed-whacks that bass on "Iambic 5 Poetry", it makes me shiver. Lots of different stuff, but with an overall jazz feel. There's a lot of space between the layered scattery rhythms in most tracks, and not enough warm pads to qualify it as ambient. You can hear hints of reverb everywhere.

  • "Iambic 5 Poetry": incredible song, buy the album just for this one
  • "Fly Street": very Richard D. James Album
  • "The Tide": the soundtrack to a spy movie gone wrong
  • "Splask": jazzy drums and stuttered melody layers
  • "Two Bass Hit (dub)": two basses all over the place
  • "Varkatope": fades in after some sinister fiddling into harsh rhythms
  • "Gong Acid": chimes, drums, and metal things in mixed tempos

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