What music can you put on and, looking deep into your lover's eyes, knowing that they know what you're thinking, suddenly, or with much slow luscious foreplay, you're makin' sweet love? There are all sorts of different music for different kinds of sex, but here's a personal selection:

Also, Songs to Make Love To is the name of an EP by Faith No More, whose cover features two rather amorous rhinoceri. Songs on this record are:
  • "Easy": mmm... brings back memories of high school and a girl named Ashley...
  • "Das Schutzenfest": it's in German. I speak German, and I have no idea what Mike Patton's saying, except it sounds vaguely dirty.
  • "Let's Lynch the Landlord": written by Jello Biafra. This song is not like the others. It's still cool.
  • "Midnight Cowboy": a take on the song from the movie of the same name. No vocals, very chill.

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