Todd Rundgren started playing in Philadelphia garage bands, and almost broke into the limelight with the band Nazz in the late 1960's. Todd went solo, and his debut single We Gotta Get You A Woman was controversial due to people misinterpreting some of the lyrics to mean that women were stupid. He switched to ballads, and his next single, Be Nice To Me, was more popular due to his obsessive nature with getting the exact sound he wanted.

Todd became known as a tech wizard after his album Something/Anything? was released. He played every instrument on three of the four sides of the double album, years before digital drums and digital mixers were available. The tunes ranged from power-ballads to heavy guitar and progressive rock. His big break came from the fourth side of the album with a tune called, Hello It's Me, which was a remake of his first group's single. Todd was a prolific and fast song writer, and another single released from the same album, I Saw the Light, took only 20 minutes to write in the studio.

Todd continued on writing progressive albums, changing his style constantly. He also assembled a band called Utopia, which he created to showcase some of his more experimental music. Utopia's lineup consisted of Kasim Sultan on bass, Roger Powell on keyboards and John "Willie" Wilcox on drums. They shared songwriting credits, and one song off of their Oops, Wrong Planet album was a smash for England Dan and John Ford Coley. I have to confess to owning most of Utopia's records, and I played along with Willie Wilcox's drumming between mimicing Clem Burke from Blondie.

Meanwhile, back at corporate headquarters, Todd was becoming very unhappy with his label, Bearsville. His last album for them was The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect, which included Bang The Drum All Day. Todd just wanted to throw together an album to fulfill his contract, and he has said in several interviews that this album is not one he is proud of.

Todd crafted an all-vocal album called A Capella, which ran his voice through emulators to make the band instruments.

He has worked on a large range of albums for other folks, including the guitar work on Meat Loaf's album, Bat Out of Hell. His ability to generate riffs and hooks still make him a popular artist and sought-after musician.


Band             Album 
Nazz             Nazz 
Nazz             Nazz Nazz
Todd Rundgren    Runt 
Nazz             Nazz III 
Todd Rundgren    The Ballad of Todd Rundgren 
Todd Rundgren    Something/Anything?
Todd Rundgren    A Wizard A True Star 
Todd Rundgren    Todd 
Utopia           Todd Rundgren's Utopia
Todd Rundgren    Ititiation 
Utopia           Another Live 
Todd Rundgren    Faithful 
Utopia           Ra 
Utopia           Oops! Wrong Planet 
Todd Rundgren    The Hermit of Mink Hollow 
Todd Rundgren    Back to the Bars 
Utopia           Disco Jets (Unreleased)
Utopia           Adventures in Utopia (My favorite)
Utopia           Deface the Music 
Todd Rundgren    Healing 
Utopia           Swing to the Right 
Utopia           Utopia 
Todd Rundgren    The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect
Utopia           Oblivion 
Nazz             The Best of the Nazz 
Utopia           POV 
Todd Rundgren    A Capella 
Utopia           Trivia
Utopia           The Collection 
Todd Rundgren    Singles 
Utopia           Anthology (1974-1985) 
Todd Rundgren    Anthology (1968-1985) 
Todd Rundgren    Nearly Human
Todd Rundgren    Second Wind 
TR-i             No World Order (Several Versions)
Utopia           Redux 92: Live In Japan 
TR-i             No World Order Lite 
TR-i             No World Order CD-ROM 
Todd Rundgren    The Individualist 
Todd Rundgren    The Rundgren Collection
TR-i             The Individualist CD-e 
Todd Rundgren    Up Against It 
Todd Rundgren    The Very Best Of Todd Rundgren 
Todd Rundgren    I Saw The Light and Other Hits 
Todd Rundgren    Todd Rundgren 
Todd Rundgren    Free Soul Runt
Todd Rundgren    Somewhere/Anywhere? 
Todd Rundgren    TRTV Volume 1  
Todd Rundgren    The Best of TR "Go Ahead. Ignore Me"

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