Harley Feinstein is a drummer and attorney. He was the original drummer in the band Sparks. He plays on the first 2 albums. The 1st album was simply entitled "Sparks". It was produced by Todd Rundgren. It was engineered by Thadeus James Lowe or Jim Lowe or James Lowe. James Lowe was the lead singer of the Electric Prunes. The first album was originally released as halfnelson. The second album was entitled Woofer in Tweeter's Clothing. It was produced by James Lowe. Harley Feinstein recently reuinted with James Lowe and has recorded on several tracts on the latest Electric Prunes album. Harley Feinstein also currently plays with Justice Fingers. This group contains members of the Northern UK group Circus in Reverse. Harley Feinstein has also been a lawyer since 1979.

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